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Web Design & Development Services

Designing attractive, usable web sites that empower your business to succeed is truly an expert skill. In today’s crowded web services market many firms can simply create your site, but how many firms can make a web site that succeeds?


So, How Much Does it All Cost?

Features      Basic SiteDrop OffRemote
Base site costs $500$500$750
Content Management or Blog $200 $200$750
Basic graphics  $250$500$1200
Additional graphics $300$300$500

                                               Total:                                                                                                     $1250                                        $1500                           $3200


Adding in additional features increases the price.

Features Basic SiteSome ExtrasFull Site
Mobile $750$900 (one extra size)$1050 (two extra sizes)
Multimedia $750$750$1500
Content $300 (2 extra pages)$750 (5 extra pages)$1500 (creating 5 pages including content)
Extras $250 (photo gallery)$500 (photo gallery and ads)$5000 (or more)
Maintenance $100 per month $250 per month$500 per month
                                   Total: $2050 + $100 per month$2900 + $250 per month$9500 + $500 per month