Betania Catering

Betania is proud to offer and handle many of your needs when it comes to hosting your private parties as well as catering options.  No matter what the occasion, whether celebrating a personal milestones or hosting a business function from small gathering to anything in between, Betania will customize your private event to make it special.  Our courteous and professional Staff will work with you to ensure every detail is exactly right, from the food and drinks to the ambiance and timing. 

Our full service catering packages offers you a friendly, flexible approach for all your catering needs and customized menus to your group size, from

  • Graduations / ለልደት /
  • Weddings / ለሠርግ /
  • Birthday parties / ለልደት /
  • Bridal/baby shower /ለቤቢ ሻወር /
  •  Christening /ለክርስትና/   etc….we can help you flawlessly pull off any private event with attention to details from setting up the tables, serving and cleaning. 
  • To celebrating a special occasion with family and friends / ለልዩ ልዩ ዝግጅቶች/

Betania Injera 

 We sell fresh Injera. Betania Injera is a popular Ethiopian soft, spongy flat bread made of a special cereal grain called Teff and self rising flour. To insure freshness, Injera orders are prepared separately from spices

Betania Spices

We sell authentic Ethiopian spices imported directly from Ethiopia. All Betania spices are prepared to the highest quality standards. We have been in the restaurant business for the past 10 years, so we understand the importance of quality spices. Whether you are preparing Ethiopian or any other kind of food, our spices will give you astonishing flavors. In addition to great flavors, Ethiopian spices are know to have many health benefits. We have included great recipes for authentic Ethiopian dishes such as Sega wot, Doro wot, Alicha Sega wot, Misir, Kitfo and much more. All Betania spices are organic.

Betania Meals

Betania is an Ethiopian fast casual Restaurant that offers authentic, premium quality dishes, with special attention to vegetarians, vegans, health conscious, and adventurous customers. Located in the heart of Columbia Heights, DC, Letena serves food faster than dine-in restaurants, without compromising the quality and authenticity. 
Our menu options cater to vegetarians, vegans and meat lovers alike at reasonable prices. Our dishes are freshly prepared from quality spices imported from Ethiopia and locally sourced naturally grown ingredients, raised and grown without pesticides or antibiotics. We aim to introduce Ethiopian food to the broader public like other mainstream food that anyone can come in and eat at any time. To that end, we offer injera in the traditional manner as well as in burrito style wraps, bread or rice accompanying entrees for diners throughout the metropolitan Washington area. Join us today and try any of our range of specialties in our